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This app will help you learn how to relax like a true Zen master

Sometime in 2000, meditation was rebranded as “mindfulness.” This is a rewrite to somehow make the act more approachable. The digitalization of meditation and mindfulness soon followed. That means all he needs is the app and his 10 minutes at his desk during lunch. The awareness created by mindfulness apps

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Computers of the future will have chips made from exotic materials rather than silicon. And this little-known Swiss startup wants to play a big role in this space.

Rapid advances in chip manufacturing technology over the past two decades have been primarily driven by the continued scaling of silicon technology, commonly known as Moore's Law. But as we approach the physical limits of silicon, the industry is shifting its focus to nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes, graphene, and

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“Wonka”: Release date and time on Max

The next time you open your Max streaming service, music and chocolate might be on the menu. Wonka, the recently released film chronicling the early days of Roald Dahl's iconic chocolatier, will join Max's growing selection next week. Timothée Chalamet specializes in sweets as a young Willy Wonka, and Paul

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New leak hints at larger Pixel Watch 3 and Pixel Buds Pro 2

In our review of the Google Pixel Watch 2, we said it was “lighter, faster, and definitely better than the original,” but what does the third-generation smartwatch offer? Latest news from the rumor mill Reportedly larger size to fit larger wrists. According to sources who spoke to 9to5Google, the Pixel

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Mysterious Huawei CPU test results published online, shocking – if true, this improvement means Huawei is far behind AMD Epyc and Intel Xeon

Benchmark results for Huawei's HiSilicon Taishan V120 server CPU have unexpectedly surfaced online, surprisingly showing performance on par with AMD's Zen 3 cores from four years ago. Results found on Geekbench here and here suggest that Huawei's chip technology may not be far behind major CPU manufacturers AMD and Intel.

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Compare current refinance rates for March 2024

Mortgage refinancing refers to refinancing your existing home loan to get a new home loan. The new mortgage also comes with a new loan term and interest rate. For many people, the main purpose of refinancing is to lower their mortgage interest rate and save money. But with mortgage interest

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