12 Best Eye Creams of 2024

According to dermatologist Dr. Sheila Farhan, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Avant Dermatology & Aesthetics, eye creams can provide real benefits if you choose the right products and ingredients.

“In my opinion, you should really invest in products that you see every day. [the eye area] The skin is the thinnest part of our bodies and is highly sensitive to allergens and irritants, so it is important that treatments have scientific backing to prove their effectiveness, especially when targeting anti-aging or fine lines.” said Farhan.

There are so many different concerns to address when it comes to eye creams, but should we expect to find one that solves them all? Probably not, according to Farhan. “While some eye creams can address several issues at once, I haven't found an all-in-one product that targets all of your issues, and that's okay,” she said. Depending on your concern, you should look for specific types of products and ingredients that target your problem. Farhan will explain it in detail below.

Swelling: The first thing Farhang recommends for swelling is a cooling product. Some come with a metal applicator that has a cooling effect or can be placed in the refrigerator before use. His second key ingredient, which is included in many products to improve under-eye bags, is caffeine. “We recommend looking for ingredients like green tea and caffeine, as they help constrict blood vessels and retain water in the area,” she said.

thin line: “For fine lines, we recommend looking for eye creams that contain retinol or peptides and growth factors. These can actively help with treatment and prevention,” Farhan said. “Although hyaluronic acid isn't actually an active anti-aging ingredient, it can help fade fine lines because it attracts water and almost 'fills in' fine lines temporarily,” she says.

Bear: Many people think that dark circles are caused by lack of sleep, but the problem is much more complex than that. “There are several causes of dark circles. One of them may be simply the skin in the area becoming thinner or duller as we age. That's why we recommend taking the anti-aging route with retinol. When used, it helps strengthen the skin,” says Farhan.

“Another reason for dark circles may be that you have visible blood vessels underneath, in which case caffeine may help. If dark circles are due to hyperpigmentation, vitamin C and other 's skin-whitening ingredients may help,'' says Farhan.

Other factors such as allergies and skin diseases such as eczema can also affect dark circles. “If you have chronic friction pigmentation due to allergies or eczema, you need plenty of hydration and hydration, or antihistamines,” she says.

If you think your dark circles are caused by dark circles around your eyes, Farhan recommends focusing on strengthening your skin with products like anti-aging products with retinol.

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