15 Tasty Valentine's Day Gifts Under $25

$23 on Amazon

missoula tea night

Evening tea with an emphasis on flavor

$7 on Amazon

Screenshot-2022-01-21-at-4-17-57-pm.png Screenshot-2022-01-21-at-4-17-57-pm.png

The heart of a dangerous conversation

Wait a minute, what is he saying?

$17 with wine

wine rose wine rose

Cote des Roses

Hide wine inside a dozen roses and play

$15 on Amazon

Bee-Knee-Salted-Honey-Amazon Bee-Knee-Salted-Honey-Amazon

bushwick kitchen beads knee honey

Sticky and sweet like you

$25 on Amazon

herb bag on the window herb bag on the window

indoor herb planter

Cute place to grow herbs

$20 at the lodge

cast iron pot with food cast iron pot with food

lodge cast iron skillet

A classic every chef should have

As CNET Resident food and beverage staff, I may be biased, but I think edible and drinkable gifts are the best.There's nothing rude about a fresh bouquet flowers or shiny smart watch — At least it lets you know when your next meal is coming — but the gift of food is better in almost every way.

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The food is soulful, but also practical. That means everyone has to eat. Not everything on this list is edible (I threw some cooking utensils in there), but the edible ones don't take up permanent space. This is perfect if you suspect your Valentine's Day is overflowing with or lacking in “something.” closet space.

Now, when I think about it, right Only Valentine's Day food gifts left. Infused with my favorite calming black tea, some addictive spice mixes, and delicious chocolate truffles that will make your sweetheart go crazy.

The prices at these eateries are also all under $25.But I tested and tasted every last one and there was nothing cheap About them.

Best Valentine's Day Food Gifts Under $25

nut sampler nut sampler

This sample of Nuts.com snacks includes 11 snacks including Power Mix, Granola, Cacao Goji Energy Squares, Almond Salted Caramel Bitty Bars, and more.

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tea tea
Lake Missoula Tea Company

A relaxing blend of herbal teas including chamomile, rosehip, raspberry leaf, lemongrass, and clove. I don't drink tea that often, but when I do, it's Missoula Evening or Bust.

Screenshot-2022-01-21-at-1-53-17-pm.png Screenshot-2022-01-21-at-1-53-17-pm.png
La Maison du Chocolat

Chocolate for Valentine's Day? Groundbreaking, I know. But if you're going to give something, please give it something good. I love creamy truffles, and La Maison du Chocolat takes their craft very seriously. These handmade truffles aren't too sweet, just the way I like them, but they have a rich, rich chocolate flavor. A two-pack costs $10, but a box of 13 can be purchased for $50.

spice duo spice duo
oaktown spice shop

“Umami” jokes aside, this two-spice mix will take your ramen or bowl to some seriously delicious places.

chocolate bar chocolate bar

If you're going down the chocolate route, choose something better than drugstore swill.

champion bear champion bear

When it comes to adorable sweets, Sugarfina has pretty much cornered the market. As a bonus, they're all delicious and the sweet shop also offers some unusual flavors. For Valentine's Day, buy a box of these irresistible champagne-flavored gummies. That may seem pricey for candy, but that's because they're made with authentic Dom His Perignon Champagne and in Brut and Rosé flavors.

If you're too scared of bears, consider Sugarfina Lip or Rosé Rose.

wagyu steak wagyu steak
Plum Creek Wagyu Beef

Wagyu beef is rich, fatty, and very delicious. A 6-ounce chuck eye costs less than $22.

Screenshot-2022-01-21-at-4-17-57-pm.png Screenshot-2022-01-21-at-4-17-57-pm.png

If the regular combo heart candies seem a little bland and a little boring, try the adult version box and enjoy the giggles.

I'm too dignified to enumerate these vile words out loud, but that doesn't mean I didn't just order a few boxes.

Can of margarita salt next to cocktail and pepper Can of margarita salt next to cocktail and pepper

This spicy, citrusy salt is perfect for the rim of a margarita, but it also livens up chicken and fish. Why not pair it with a special tequila bottle to create a classic cocktail for Valentine's Day?

Fruiter squeezing lemon into bowl Fruiter squeezing lemon into bowl
dream farm

Speaking of margaritas, why not squeeze your main juice with the best handheld citrus squeezer money can buy? Oh, and you don't need a lot of money to buy it either.

wine rose wine rose
coat de rose

Rosé is already a Valentine's Day staple, but this Côte des Roses, with its rose-shaped bottle bottom, takes it a step further. The wine itself comes from Languedoc in southern France and has “scents of raspberry and peony.” Best of all, the bottle has the appearance of a rose. Create an attractive presentation by secretly placing one rose upside down among 12 roses.

Hidden roses Hidden roses

Can you see that there is a wine bottle in this bouquet?

coat de rose

Bee-Knee-Salted-Honey-Amazon Bee-Knee-Salted-Honey-Amazon

This sweet and salty treat is also a cheeky way to let someone know you think they're the best. You can drizzle this honey on everything from fried chicken to cake, but if you want something a little spicier, bee's knees hot honey Contains habanero pepper.

herb bag on the window herb bag on the window

Smart gardens may give you faster results, but in terms of style, there's nothing in a little burlap bag for growing herbs on your windowsill.

cast iron pot with food cast iron pot with food

If your Valentine loves the occasional steak or burger, but hasn't experienced the wonders of cast iron yet, this is the perfect chance to change their culinary game forever. Cast iron is the best indoor cooking material for most meats because it retains heat for very hot, magazine-cover-worthy sears.

Blooming-Lollipop-Uncommon-Goods Blooming-Lollipop-Uncommon-Goods
rare item

This set of premium lollipops (flavors like lavender lemongrass, vanilla hibiscus, champagne, rose, and strawberry basil) are already sweet enough, but don't throw the sticks in the trash. When planted in soil, a variety of plants will sprout, from herbs to blue-eyed flowers. Will this mean buying flowers?

Other Valentine's Day Gifts

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