5 facial products to protect your skin all day in the sun

Updated February 12, 2024 7:24pm PT

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charlotte maracina associate writer

Charlotte Maracina is an associate writer for CNET based in Long Island, New York. When she's not writing about the top products on the market, she's traveling, munching on Love Her Island, and following Harry Styles on tour.

Expertise Charlotte has two years of experience tracking a variety of travel, fashion and lifestyle trends for 18-24 year olds. She studied communication and sociology at Belmont University.

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ariel barton Associate Content Manager

Arielle Burton is an associate content manager on CNET's Performance Optimization team. She graduated from Hofstra University in New York. Before she joined CNET, she worked at Legacy News (ABC7NY and Fox Business Network) and a technology company (Mashable). She specializes in creating engaging alerts, building community engagement on the news platform, and optimizing CNET's content for all audiences. After all, Ariel is a digital media professional by day and a fierce chef by night.

Expertise News platform aggregation, alerts, homepage curation, content optimization

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