Apple's iOS 18 rumors: a possible big leap into AI

Amid the AI ​​hype cycle, Google announced its flagship Pixel 8 lineup and improved AI tips and tricks. Shortly after, Samsung announced the Galaxy S24 series, incorporating what the company calls his Galaxy AI. It's packed with unique and nifty AI features.

Considering this, it wouldn't be a huge surprise if Apple went in the same direction as the rumored iPhone 16 (unofficial name). While Apple already has AI capabilities built into the iPhone (such as duplicate photo detection and the way the device improves photos), as far as the public can see, the iPhone maker is still trying to catch up to rivals with generative AI. There is a high possibility that you are trying to Concerned.

But Apple could make big strides with its next major software update. According to Mark Gurman's January issue of the Power On newsletter, iOS 18, expected in the coming months, could bring the “biggest” software update in iPhone history. Garman wrote in the November issue that iOS 18 could bring a “relatively groundbreaking” update to the iPhone with “major new features and design.”

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Details about iOS 18 are (predictably) limited right now, but Apple typically previews major software releases for the iPhone and other products at WWDC, its annual software development conference held in June. Masu.

In iOS 17 this year, Apple announced a number of AI-powered features, including the ability to duplicate your voice on your iPhone and an updated keyboard with improved autocorrect. However, the company stopped short of announcing a generative AI product along the lines of Google's Bard and Open AI's Chat GPT. However, rumors point to significant changes coming in next year's iOS 18. Here's what you can expect:

An illustration of an iPhone's iMessage service mixing blue and green bubbles with a sick face emoji.

Google has launched a dedicated website to advocate for Apple to adopt the RCS text messaging standard, filled with links to tweet notes to the company.


Smarter Siri

Siri has been around since iOS 5 in 2011, but iOS 18 could make Apple's voice-activated assistant even smarter. Generative AI technology “should improve the way both Siri and the Messages app type questions and autocomplete sentences.” Gourmand.

Ahead of his newsletter, a September report in the Information said Apple plans to use large-scale language models, a key part of generative AI, to make Siri smarter. The example detailed in this article shows how Siri responds to simple voice commands for more complex tasks, such as converting a series of photos into a GIF and sending it to one of your contacts. It explains what to do. If this example is accurate, this represents a major advance in Siri's capabilities.

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Texting improvements with Android Apple announced that it is bringing RCS support, a cross-platform messaging standard, to iPhone. According to his November report on 9to5Mac, an Apple spokesperson said it will be coming to iPhones “late next year” and will work with iMessage.

RCS support should improve the current messaging experience between iPhone and Android users by providing iMessage-like functionality. These upgrades include sending high-quality photos and videos to your contacts, read receipts, input indicators, and most importantly, end-to-end encryption, which is missing from SMS messaging. This means that if you have an Android smartphone and are texting someone using an iPhone, you'll now be able to text each other via RCS instead of SMS. However, it's important to remember that iMessage is still exclusive to iPhones and other Apple devices. RCS does not provide iMessage to his Android phone.

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As mentioned above, few details of Apple's plans have been revealed at this time, and we don't yet know which iPhones will be compatible with iOS 18. We'll update this article as we learn more, so be sure to check back. Until then, you can use a cheat sheet to help you master iOS 17, Apple's latest generally available mobile software.

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