AT&T's new Robocall-Fighting tool adds logo images to caller ID

AT&T adds the company logo to caller ID to help distinguish between genuine and fraudulent calls.

U.S. carriers have long used the Stir/Shaken protocol, a caller authentication system, to combat robocalls. uses digital signatures to prove that a real company is calling people. AT&T is partnering with credit reporting company TransUnion to deploy Branded Call Display, adding another layer of verification.

Branded Call Display uses participating companies' logos to let AT&T customers know they are receiving a call from a real company. To prevent criminals from spoofing the image of a trusted company, calls must first be verified using the Stir/Shaken protocol.

Smartphone screen with company logo displayed on call screen. In this case, you'll see TransUnion's circular white logo with the blue letters

An example of a company logo that appears when a carrier authenticates a call using Branded Call Display.


Branded Call Display works on both iPhone and Android devices, so phone owners don't need to do anything to take advantage of the feature. If your provider uses Branded Call Display, your company logo will now pop up.

Only AT&T customers will see this logo first. That's because AT&T is the first major service provider to announce it will use the technology, created by caller identification solutions company TruContact. Other carriers may also follow suit if they choose to integrate. However, the responsibility for participating in this additional review lies with the company. If you want your company's logo to appear on people's phones, you need to register with TransUnion.

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In 2018, AT&T and T-Mobile jointly announced plans to use the Stir/Shaken protocol on their networks, and it was quickly adopted by other major mobile service providers. Over the next few years, the Federal Communications Commission announced that it would implement this protocol for even smaller providers by mid-2023 as part of the Federal Communications Commission's continued efforts to combat robocalls. I made it mandatory.

Although the FCC continues to crack down on robocallers by issuing warnings, shutting down providers who repeatedly make robocalls, and cutting off communications into the country, millions of Americans are still being harassed by scam calls. Branded call displays are another way to decide whether to take the risk and pick up the phone or send vague callers directly to voicemail.

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