Best Gaming PC Deals: Save up to $500 on Alienware, Lenovo, Thermaltake and more

There are many great reasons to choose a pre-built gaming PC, including not having the time to build one yourself or not being tech-savvy. Sure, they tend to be a little more expensive since you're paying a premium, but they're not as bad as they say. There are also many great configurations to choose from. That's why we've found our favorites and compiled them here in one place. This should help make up for the additional premium you're paying for something pre-assembled.

There are plenty of great pre-built gaming PCs on the market today that can run the latest games right out of the box. Check out the best gaming PC deals on models with the latest RTX 4000 series graphics cards and systems with previous-generation (but still capable) RTX 3000 series GPUs at Best Buy, Newegg, and more. please.

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This list is constantly updated as current discounts expire or new deals appear, so check back regularly. Please note that not all of these PCs are on sale. The bottom section contains systems that offer great value, along with some systems that have been further discounted in the past.

best gaming pc deals


If you're looking for a great starter to mid-range gaming PC, the Lenovo Legion Tower 5i is the one for you. The RTX 3060 isn't as powerful, but it's good for 1080p and can manage respectable 1440p performance. It also has a mid-range 13th generation Intel Core i5 processor, which is more than enough for most productivity tasks. Additionally, the 16 GB of RAM is the latest and fastest DDR5 on the market. The only small drawback is the 512 GB of storage. This isn't a big deal considering the scale of games these days, but you can always upgrade the size in the future.

asus-rog-gaming-desktop-bf asus-rog-gaming-desktop-bf

This ROG gaming PC is perfect for people who want something roughly mid-range, but don't want to spend more than $1,500, which is the upper end of what's considered budget-friendly anyway. Equipped with an RTX 4060 Ti, you can play most games at a stable 1080p with high refresh rates and graphics settings.

abs-stratos-aqua abs-stratos-aqua

This ABS system with a Core i7-13700F CPU and RTX 4070 graphics will save you $200 at Newegg. It also offers 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB SSD, and 700-watt PSU. Considering most RTX 4070-based gaming PCs cost over $2,000, this discounted ABS Stratos Aqua machine is a great value.

alienware-aurora-r13 alienware-aurora-r13

This futuristic Alienware PC features an RTX 4070 Ti GPU with 12 GB of dedicated memory, getting you very close to great 4K gaming performance. It can also easily handle high settings and high refresh rates when used at 1440p. It also features a high-end i7-13700K, 16GB DDR5 RAM, and ample 1TB of storage space. Also, in case you haven't noticed, the case is incredible and you can get it here for a huge discount of $780, but it's worth hundreds on its own.

cobra type levant hero cobra type levant hero
Cobra type/CNET

This Cobratype system is one of the most affordable RTX 4080-based gaming PCs available today. One reason for the (relatively) low price is the odd combination of CPU and GPU. It is powered by Nvidia's latest RTX 4080 GPU, but turns around and offers CPUs from Intel's previous 11th generation processor family. At least it's a powerful Core i9-11900F chip. Other notable features include a liquid cooling system and a beefy 1,000-watt PSU.

Thermal Take-Apollo-i4790-bf Thermal Take-Apollo-i4790-bf
thermal take

Sometimes you just want the best that's on offer. In that case, the Apollo i4790 is perfect for you. It runs the RTX 4090, the most powerful GPU on the market today, and is a great option if you want to play games at 4K and higher graphics settings and refresh rates. It also has an Intel Core i9-13900K, one of the best CPUs on the market.

How to choose a bargain gaming PC

There are thousands of gaming PC deals to choose from, but not all of them are worth your hard-earned cash. As with any expensive purchase, it's worth assessing your needs before taking the plunge and spending a fortune. When it comes to trading a gaming PC, you may want to consider how demanding the games you plan to play are and how your new PC will fit into your existing setup (e.g. number of displays, resolution and frame count, etc.) means. We will inform you of the price) and your budget. If you want multi-monitor 4K gaming, you'll probably be struggling with a $1,000 budget, so it's best to have realistic expectations here.

Considering these factors, it comes down to the price-performance ratio offered. The main considerations here are the processor, graphics card, and RAM, which have the biggest impact on your overall experience. Newer, more powerful parts will drive up the overall price. Check out our parts list. The best graphics cards for gamers It turns out these aren't cheap. So, to save money, consider a machine with recent previous generation components.

Should you buy a pre-assembled gaming PC or build it yourself?

Depending on how technically savvy you are, you'll either be excited or intimidated by the suggestion of building your own gaming PC. The main advantage of building a PC yourself is that you can choose all the components, shop around for deals on individual parts, and ultimately get more bang for your buck. The downside is that it requires a lot of research, effort, and considerable technical knowledge. There's also the risk that something will go wrong during the construction process. That means parts get damaged or you end up pulling your hair out trying to figure out why it's not working as expected. With pre-built gaming PC deals, you can skip some of the more time-consuming and tedious parts of the process, but you'll still be paying for that privilege, and you'll end up spending more money overall. You may end up spending a lot of money.

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