Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 deals: up to $800 in trade-in and free storage upgrades

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Save up to $800 on Trade-In + Free Storage Upgrade

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If you want a high-end tablet but don't want to join the Apple ecosystem with an iPad, you'll want Samsung's slate, which is easily on the same level. The best one is the Galaxy Tab S9, so if you're looking for something on par with the best Apple has to offer, this is it. There are also several different options when it comes to storage and RAM, so you have some leeway in what you choose.

However, as with any of Apple's high-end products, finding a good deal can be difficult. Still, you can get a trade-in credit and there's also a free storage upgrade that shows up as a $120 discount.

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What color is the Galaxy Tab S9?

The Galaxy Tab S9 only comes in graphite or beige, and unlike other new Samsung devices, there are no Samsung-specific variations.

Front and back of Galaxy S9 tablet on yellow background. Front and back of Galaxy S9 tablet on yellow background.


How much does the Galaxy Tab S9 cost?

Pricing starts at $800 for the basic configuration of the Tab S9 and goes up to $1,620 if you want the high-end configuration of the Tab S9 Ultra. The prices below reflect the original list price before any discounts or offers are applied.

  • Galaxy Tab S9 (128GB): $800
  • Galaxy Tab S9 (256GB): $920
  • Galaxy Tab S9 Plus (256GB): $1,000
  • Galaxy Tab S9 Plus (512GB): $1,120
  • Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra (256GB): $1,200
  • Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra (512GB): $1,320
  • Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra (1TB): $1,620

Great deals on Galaxy Tab S9

Samsung is offering several ways to save on your new Galaxy S9 tablet. All three models have free storage upgrades, meaning you can get the 256GB model of the S9 or the 512GB model of the S9 Plus and S9 Ultra for the same price as the base configuration. That way you'll save $120. If you need even more storage, you can also save $150 on the 1TB model of the S9 Ultra.

You can save even more if you trade in your old device. Apple and Samsung tablets come with up to $800 worth of enhanced trade-in credits, but you can also get smaller discounts when you trade in your old phone or smartwatch. Samsung accepts some tablets even if they are damaged, so you might be surprised at the value of a cracked iPad.

You'll also get several bonuses with your purchase, including six months of Microsoft 365 Basic free for new subscribers, four months of YouTube Premium, and two months of Adobe Lightroom free. Bundle with this purchase to save $190 off the Galaxy Watch 6 and $130 off the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.

Like Samsung, Amazon is also offering a free storage upgrade for its S9 tablets, but it's only available on the basic S9 and S9 Plus. It doesn't have the same storage upgrades as Samsung's discount, but it does take $70 off the S9 512GB model, bringing it down to $850.

Unfortunately, Best Buy doesn't offer storage upgrade discounts like other options, but you can get up to $300 worth of trade-in value.

B&H Photo doesn't offer trade-in discounts, but you can get the Beige Tab S9 512GB version for $70 off. That's $70 less than the MSRP.

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