Best Solar Panel Installation Company in Orlando, Florida

Tourists visiting Orlando are increasingly seeing more than cartoon mice: solar panels stacked on rooftops.

The City of Central Florida has set a goal of using 100% clean renewable energy sources by 2050. Meanwhile, many clean energy initiatives are underway, with private companies moving to increase solar usage.

Going solar is an attractive option in the Sunshine State, which lives up to its name. Florida ranks her fourth overall for solar energy potential, but the average electricity cost in October 2023 was $167.55.

Can solar panels save money?

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“Orlando has one of the highest concentrations of solar power in general,” said Tom, a civil engineer, director of the Florida Solar Energy Industry Association, and owner of solar power consulting firm Raina or Shine. says Raina Greenfest.

When considering the potential of solar energy, you should consider solar power costs, installers, and incentives before making a decision.

Best National Solar Panel Company in Orlando

If you want a strong warranty and the backing of a domestic company, ADT Solar should be in your search. Our 25-year warranty against roof leaks is unmatched except for solar installations that double as actual roofs. ADT offers a wider selection of high-quality solar panels than any other installer. Like other industries, ADT doesn't provide much upfront pricing information, but it does offer a price match guarantee. There aren't many details about that guarantee, but it does make ADT's quote more flexible.


Solar panels are typically low-maintenance devices, but they are also less familiar. If you want to reap the benefits of solar power, but want a little more peace of mind when someone else makes sure your solar power is working, Palmetto may be for you. Remember to include the cost of Palmetto's monitoring services in your payback period calculations.


If you're looking for top-of-the-line solar panels, SunPower is your best bet. However, don't ignore them if you're looking for a less fancy installation to get the job done. This year, the company started installing his Qcells panels. This should make the installation of the longest-tenured company on our list available to more people.


Elevation's focus on home energy efficiency is not common in the industry. If you are planning to tackle energy efficiency first, working with Elevation allows him to do the entire process with one company. Elevation solar power equipment comes from established and reputable companies. Elevation's warranty on workmanship and weather resistance could be a little longer.


If you need help from a national company installing a variety of the most popular solar installations, include Freedom Forever in your search. Freedom Forever is also expanding several products that reduce the burden and risk associated with solar deployment, including production guarantees and cash purchase escrow options. Online reviews say customer satisfaction has been low recently, but the company says that's changing.


Tesla's solar business seems to be the least beloved of Elon Musk's businesses. Even Tesla's solar roof seems to be getting more love.

If price is important to you, consider Tesla. By all accounts, Tesla installs high-quality panels and manufactures the Powerwall, the most well-known product in the solar storage space.

What can be overlooked is customer service. Online discussions seem to suggest that Tesla's service is a bit of a gamble.


Momentum has installations in 11 states without the use of subcontractors. Using an in-house installer does not guarantee a better experience, but it does suggest that you will likely get a more uniform experience from the installer. The fact that Momentum carries his 25-year quality guarantee on its equipment shows strong confidence in the abilities of its workers. If Momentum is part of your search, consider the breach protections offered by other companies. The momentum is 5 years, but it is possible to exceed that.

Local Solar Panel Company in Orlando

Panasun Solar provides residential solar power, commercial solar power, and battery backup services. We offer three types of payment plans, including purchase and lease. The company has an A+ plus rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Sunbright Solar boasts 2,500 completed projects since its launch in 2020. Rated A+ by the BBB.

How to decide which solar company is best for you

At Greenfest, we recommend thoroughly vetting potential contractors and asking lots of questions before proceeding with an installation.

“They need to compare who is actually doing the work,” Greenfest said. “If homeowners have questions, they want to talk to someone and get answers. It's very important to work with a contractor you can trust. Since you're in Orlando, you shouldn't have a problem.”

How much do solar panels cost in Orlando

The main decision to go solar is cost. According to data from, the average cost of solar panels in Florida is $28,890 for a 9kW system, or $3.21 per watt. The total cost depends on the number of solar panels you get. Ultimately, you will need a system that is large enough to save you money.

Across Florida, the cost of solar power has fallen 42% over the past decade, according to the Solar Energy Industry Association.

“Prices have gone down,” Greenfest said. “Right now, the market is saturated with products, but that wasn't the case not too long ago. We have installers readily available and interest rates are down too, so it's very viable given this combination. It will be a great option.”

Other cost factors include the type of panel you choose for installation and whether there are any complex structures on the roof, such as a chimney. Greenfest says if you've had a roof for more than 20 years, you may want to consider replacing it first before going solar.

“If your roof is in good condition, contact multiple contractors and compare quotes, especially if you live in Orlando,” she said.

Before adding solar panels, it's also a good idea to check the energy efficiency of your appliances to see if they can reduce your consumption, says Greenfest. This reduces the number of panels needed, potentially leading to cost savings.

solar panel cost in florida

Median system size (kW) price per watt Total installation cost (before incentives) Cost after 30% federal solar tax credit
florida 9 $3.21 $28,890 $20,223
National average 6.67 $3.67 $31,558 $22,091

Orlando solar panel incentives and rebates

The biggest financial incentive for going solar in Orlando is the federal solar power tax credit, known as the Residential Clean Energy Credit. This will reimburse you up to 30% of your installation costs.

Florida does not offer tax credits or rebates for installation, but it does have a net metering program and is exempt from both property taxes and solar sales taxes.

florida solar panel incentives

program explanation
residential clean energy credits This federal tax credit allows you to get up to 30% of your solar panel installation costs back on your next year's taxes.
net metering Net metering allows you to sell the energy produced by your solar panels but not used in your home back to the power grid and use it as a credit on your electricity bill.
Property tax exemption The installation price of solar panels is exempt from property tax assessment.
Exemption from consumption tax Solar panels and certain equipment are exempt from Florida sales tax.

How to pay for solar panels in Orlando

Although power purchase agreements are not available in Florida, there are several options to pay for the installation of solar panels.

cash: Initial installation costs can be prohibitive, but if you have the easy financing, you'll start saving money right away by eliminating interest and fees associated with potential loans.

Solar power loan: Usually provided by the installer, but if you want to finance your installation over the long term, you can take out a solar-specific loan.

Home equity loan: A home equity loan or HELOC is also an option. Because these are tied to collateral (your home), you can potentially get a good interest rate. However, the appraisal process can take a long time, and if you can't repay the loan, you could lose your home.

Personal loan: Personal loans through financial institutions are one option, but interest rates tend to be higher.

Solar power lease: When you have a solar lease agreement, you pay a monthly payment to a solar panel company to install panels on your home, but you don't own the panels. In this case, you are not eligible for federal tax credits and do not actually own the system.

Other installation factors to be aware of

Renting and home ownership: If you live in a rental home and want to buy a home relatively soon, the cost of installing solar panels may not be worth the investment. Additionally, the choice of whether or not to purchase solar panels is ultimately up to the homeowner, or homeowner.

Insurance coverage: Solar panels can be damaged by extreme weather and other external forces. You should check your homeowner's insurance policy to determine if your panels are covered and contact your insurance company to notify them.

Homeowners Association Rules: Florida has laws that limit how homeowner associations can restrict solar panels, but you should check your HOA regulations to see what their rules are.

How I found the best solar panel company

The companies listed as “best” above are hand-picked from CNET's list of the best solar companies. Companies that make the best list are scored on the equipment they offer, warranties, and customer service. Next, check to see if these recommendations are available in your state. You can learn more about how we screen solar companies here.

Companies listed as local installers were selected using a less rigorous method. We chose them because they were offering something unique and noteworthy to customers in the state, seemed to be well-received by internet critics, or because they were in the state. They were one of the few installers I could find information on.

Regardless of whether you have done your due diligence on a company, it is a good idea to get multiple quotes from different installers before choosing one.

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