Best Soundbars with Amazon Alexa in 2024

Updated February 8, 2024 at 7:00 AM PT

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Thanks to Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant is no longer the better, more stable voice assistant. Alexa is near the top of the overall list thanks to its integration and compatibility with most smart devices on the market today. So if you're in the market for a high-quality soundbar that's easy to use and fully integrated with Alexa, you've got plenty to choose from.

Alexa works with a variety of models, including Sonos Beam, Polk React, the excellent follow-up Arc soundbar, and products from Yamaha and other big brands. When choosing the best Alexa soundbar for you, it's important to consider the sound quality of all speakers and the sensitivity of the microphone (which affects Alexa's ability to hear you). After testing a group of Alexa soundbar models, we've compiled a list of the best soundbars with Alexa.

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If you want to replace your Amazon Echo and soundbar with a single device with great sound quality, Yamaha's YAS-209 is the speaker for you. This smart speaker makes movies sound great thanks to its DTS Virtual:X implementation, and music is great too thanks to the deep audio and bass of the wireless subwoofer. The built-in microphone can also listen for voice command requests when you turn your music up to max, so you don't have to sacrifice Alexa voice control when you're locked down. This is the Amazon Alexa TV soundbar that all other products should aspire to.

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Currently less than half the price of the Sonos Beam, the $200 Polk React has pretty much everything you want in a smart speaker system, including upgrade features. The sound quality is great, setup is easy, and using Alexa on the device is better than almost every other soundbar I can remember. Alexa understands what you say the first time you speak, no matter how loud your soundbar is. The only downside is that adding a subwoofer costs an additional $200.

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The Sonos Beam soundbar works with the Amazon Alexa app and is compatible with Google Assistant voice services, making it one of the most flexible soundbars on the market. The Sonos app lets you choose the smart assistant voice controls you want for each room. Other selling points of this device include an excellent and robust Sonos multi-room system and an ultra-enveloping and immersive sound experience during movie playback. However, you can also add an (expensive) subwoofer to maximize audio performance. Overall, it's a solid smart soundbar that offers great sound quality and voice control.

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At $899, the Sonos Arc may be the company's most expensive product, but it offers a lot of features and performance for the price. In addition to Amazon Alexa functionality (and Google Assistant), the Arc also includes Dolby Atmos and the excellent Sonos multiroom app. This premium Sonos soundbar sounds great and lets you listen to voice command requests as you play music.

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