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A travel coffee mug should have at least two functions. It's about keeping your coffee hot and not spilling it all over your bag/car/desk. Additionally, size, aesthetics, ease of cleaning, and one-handed operation may be other factors to consider. Our list includes those previously selected by CNET, those that have been thoroughly vetted by other review sites and repeatedly appear on best lists, and those that are consistently high on bestsellers at major retailers such as Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyondle, etc. It was created based on a well-received model. the goal.

Most travel coffee mugs claim to keep liquids “warm” for about 5-6 hours. To test this, we filled each model here with liquid at 170 degrees and measured the temperature after 3 hours and he measured the temperature after 5 hours. Travel mug lids tend to be one of two things: either some kind of screw-on mechanism, or a plastic and rubber twist/press-on lid that forms a vacuum seal. To test for leak-proofing, I flipped each mug over and over again while filled with water, looking for even the slightest sign of dripping.

Comparison of the best travel mugs


Zojirushi stainless steel mug mia flip traveler yeti rambler Contigo West Loop keep cup Hydro Flask 16oz swell tumbler
size, oz 12, 16, 20 12, 16, 20 10, 14, 20, 24, 30 16, 20, 24 6, 8, 12, 16 12, 16, 20 10,16
Type of lid screw top screw top twist/push screw top Please press screw top Please press
Leak proof yes yes generally yes no yes generally
Is it dishwasher safe? no yes* yes yes no no no
price $52.49 $24.95 $35 $14.95 $31.95 $32.95 $30

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