Best USB-C monitor deals: Get discounts on LG, Samsung, AOC, and more

If your main goal is to reduce cables, a USB-C monitor can greatly help with that. Some even allow you to charge your laptop while connected.

USB-C monitors provide audio, video, and power to the display with a single cable. This means it doesn't require HDMI or DisplayPort connections for audio and video, and requires a separate USB cable to power the monitor's USB port. You don't need an adapter or conversion cable to connect an HDMI or DisplayPort cable to your laptop. As laptops become thinner, many laptops are ditching HDMI ports entirely and only offering USB-C connectivity. Most notably, Apple's MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro lack HDMI ports. Also, USB-C monitors pair well with USB-C laptops.

As for resolution, we recommend at least Full HD (1,920×1,080 pixels) for a 24-inch display. Quad HD (2,560×1,440 pixels) for a 27-inch display and Ultra HD (3,840×2,160 pixels, or 4K) for a 32-inch display or larger. Another spec to note is the maximum brightness rating, which ranges from 250 to 500 nits. Low-end monitors are typically rated at 250 or 300 nits, which is considered sufficient for a dark den or basement. However, if you have a sunny office, you'll need something with 350 nits or more. For more information, please note the following: CNET's Monitor Buying Guide.

Check out the best USB-C monitor deals you can find right now. Screen sizes range from 24 inches to 34 inch ultrawide displays. You won't find professional monitors with wide color gamuts or gaming displays with fast refresh rates here. These are general-purpose monitors suitable for home, office, and home office use.

Gigabyte M32U-EK

Gigabyte M32U-EK is a 31.5-inch display that supports 4K resolution and 144Hz refresh rate. Input ports include USB-C, of ​​course, and there's also HDMI and DisplayPort. This monitor was originally designed for gaming, but can also be used for office work and more, has built-in speakers, and supports AMD FreeSync Premium Pro.

AOC U32P2CA monitor on gray background AOC U32P2CA monitor on gray background

This 32-inch 1440p AOC display is rated at 350 nits and should offer a slightly brighter panel than the BenQ mentioned above. In addition to USB-C connectivity, it offers DisplayPort connectivity and a pair of HDMI ports. It also features an integrated speaker and a flexible stand that allows you to adjust the height, tilt, and rotation. Normally $310, you can get it now for just $277.

27 inch LG Ultra Fine 27 inch LG Ultra Fine

This 27-inch 4K LG unit is a comprehensive display, and while it's not available at a huge discount, it's better than nothing. Provides rich connectivity with AMD FreeSync. In addition to USB-C, you get a pair of HDMI ports and one DisplayPort connection. There are also two downstream USB ports, allowing you to connect USB devices without accessing ports on your PC. It's rated for a generous 350 nits of brightness and features a sleek curved stand that allows for tilt, height, and pivot adjustments.

samsung-m70b-series-bf samsung-m70b-series-bf

The Samsung M70B series is an interesting option because it is a smart monitor. This means it can function as a TV and monitor, allowing you to do productive work without using a computer. Workplace mode gives you access to Microsoft 365 directly on your monitor, so you can work without having to turn on your PC.


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