Best Xbox Game Pass deals: Up to $65 off with a 1-year subscription

$31 at CDKeys

Game Pass Ultimate, 3 months: $31

Save $16 compared to monthly plan

$55 at CDKeys

Game Pass Score - 12 months

Game Pass Core, 12 months: $55

Save $65 compared to monthly plan

If you're a proud owner of an Xbox console, you probably already know that you'll want to purchase a Game Pass subscription. If you didn't know yet, the old Xbox Live Gold became the new Xbox Game Pass subscription last September. You'll need this to access online multiplayer and other benefits. In fact, Microsoft has completely overhauled its gaming subscriptions into a tiered system, so it's well worth checking out what's on offer and what you can get the most out of.

To help you understand how the new subscription works and find the one that's best for you, we've broken down the different membership tiers below. We've also rounded up some of the only deals available right now to help you sign up for less. We'll be updating this page with sale information as it becomes available, so check back often to see if you can get the best deal.

Game Pass Core vs. Console vs. Ultimate

Xbox Live Gold has been discontinued. In September 2023, Microsoft is overhauling Xbox Live membership, giving you several different new subscriptions to choose from. To learn more about the changes, check out our detailed breakdown of the revamp. However, we've explained the key differences below to help you choose the plan that's right for you.

game pass score

At $10 per month, Game Pass Core is the most affordable membership available. This includes what was previously included in the Gold subscription, including access to online multiplayer for console gamers. However, this new membership also includes access to a library of over 25 titles, including popular games like Halo 5: Guardians and Fallout 4. You'll also have access to exclusive sales and discounts. Save a few dollars each month by signing up for a 3-month subscription for $25.

pc game pass

There's also a Game Pass version for PC gamers. It still costs $10 a month, but comes with a few extra perks, including access to a much larger library of hundreds of PC games and access to new games from day one. This subscription also includes an EA Play membership, which adds a few more titles. Access your library and get special offers and content on the EA games of your choice.

game pass console

If you're a serious single-player gamer, there's also a Game Pass Console subscription. While you won't have access to online multiplayer, it does include a huge library of hundreds of titles, including access to exclusive games from day one. You'll also get access to exclusive sales and discounts, just like with Game Pass Core membership. It's a little pricey at $11 per month.

game pass ultimate

Game Pass Ultimate is the best of all worlds, more or less untouched by the revamp. The $17/month Ultimate subscription bundles the benefits of core and console memberships for $4 less than signing up for both separately. Get access to the entire Game Pass library on consoles, PC, and mobile devices, including access to select titles, and participate in online multiplayer from day one. You'll also receive benefits such as exclusive offers and in-game content. This also includes the EA Play subscription you get with your PC membership. Our reviewer calls Game Pass Ultimate “the best content deal in the gaming industry,” making it the best option for all-around gamers who don't want to compromise.

Best subscription sale currently available

Unlike, PlayStation equivalent subscription, Xbox Game Subscription doesn't have an annual membership plan, which makes it a little harder to find a subscription at a consistently good price. Direct-from-Xbox deals occasionally pop up, but they're usually only for new subscribers. Also, since this relaunch is still new, there aren't too many discounts, but with a little creativity you can score some savings through third parties. To help you save some cash every month, we've compiled the best (and only) currently available below.

Game Pass - Ultimate Game Pass - Ultimate

This CDKeys sale is the best deal right now if you want a Game Pass Ultimate subscription. With Ultimate, you can already save $4 per month by bundling Game Pass Core and Console memberships, but this three-month subscription reduces your monthly cost from the usual $17 to just over $10. Masu. These codes can be purchased by existing or previous Game Pass subscribers and stackable, allowing you to extend your membership and prepay for months at a low cost.

Game Pass Score - 12 months Game Pass Score - 12 months

If you just want the basic Game Pass Core membership, you can sign up through CDKeys for big savings. This deal gets you a 12-month subscription for just $55. The regular monthly fee is $10, but the monthly fee is just under $5.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Months Digital Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Months Digital

Right now, you can buy this 3-month Game Pass Ultimate (digital version only) at Target for $40 instead of the regular price of $50, a 20% discount and a monthly price of $13. You can also purchase a 1-month pass for just under $14 instead of the regular price of $17. Eligible Red Card users receive an additional 5% discount.

Xbox Game Pass Stack Social Deal Xbox Game Pass Stack Social Deal

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