Breaking the “copper vs. optics” paradigm: The humble plastic could become a key material in the race to conquer the AI ​​data center market – cheaper, lighter, thinner and more power efficient

Data Center Expansion and Generation With the rise of AI, LLM, IoT, and video streaming services, the demand for advanced interconnectivity has never been greater. Traditional interconnects using copper have significant bandwidth limitations caused by the “skin effect,” where the current flowing through the cable is concentrated at the surface of the conductor. Optical interconnects … Read more

Best Sonos Speakers of 2024

Sonos is one of the oldest multi-room audio systems on the market, and also one of the most successful. Ever since the way we consume digital music has changed from playback to MP3 Audio systems have adapted and grown with streaming services and other services. Sonos started as a way to play iTunes playlists on … Read more