Crunchyroll Adds 2 New Titles to Its Growing Game Vault

On Monday, anime streaming service Crunchyroll added two new titles to its game library. The service calls it Crunchyroll Game Vault. Subscribers to Crunchyroll's Mega and Ultimate plans — $10 and $15 respectively — Now you can access these titles at no additional cost, without ads or in-app purchases.

Introducing the new game and what you need to know about Crunchyroll Game Vault.

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Developer: Purple Tree Studio

Pump title card depicting a black and white duck with red eyes

crunchy roll

This action puzzle game is similar to the black and white version of the classic game Bomberman, but with ducks. You can compete against your friends in multiplayer and fight using egg-based weapons. Alternatively, you can play his single-player campaign and try to stop the Duck God from resetting the universe. This is extremely difficult.

yuppie psycho

Developer: Baroque Decay

Yuppie Psycho title card depicting a frightened man wearing glasses Yuppie Psycho title card depicting a frightened man wearing glasses

crunchy roll

In this horror game you have to hunt witches and survive your office worker job. Scary, right? You play as Brian Pasternak on his first day on the job at the fictional SintraCorp. And what appears to be a normal office job quickly spirals into a dark view of office culture. If you've seen the Apple TV series Severance, you'll probably enjoy this haunting and absurd game.

What you need to know about Crunchyroll Game Vault

If you're a Mega or Ultimate subscriber, here's how to access Crunchyroll's games.

1. open crunchy roll App.
2. Tap Crunchyroll Game Vault On the homepage.
3. Tap the game you want to download and you'll be redirected to the game's page in Apple's App Store or Google Play Store.

Crunchyroll released Crunchyroll Game Vault in November As an additional benefit for Mega and Ultimate subscriber members of the service. The service offered members five games at launch, including fighting game “River City Girls” and puzzle game “Inbento,” but plans to add more games to the service soon.

“We're working with developers to bring more games to mobile for the first time and introduce new features to existing hits,” Terry Li, Crunchyroll's executive vice president of emerging business and general manager of Crunchyroll Games, said in an email. ” he said. “The latest title in the Crunchyroll Game Vault, along with the launch of One Punch Man: World scheduled for January 31st, marks the start of a great year for games at Crunchyroll.”

However, according to Crunchyroll, some Crunchyroll Game Vault features will be released gradually to ensure stability. This means that not all users will see title updates at the same time.

Crunchyroll is a modern video streaming service that offers games on a subscription basis. Notably, Netflix began offering games to its members in 2021. However, while all Netflix subscribers have access to the service's game library, only the top two Cruchyroll subscription plans (Mega and Ultimate, but not Fan) have access to the Crunchyroll Game Vault.

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