Dead by Daylight and Alan Wake 2 are a match made in cosmic horror heaven

As you stumble down a dark forest path, shielded from the sun's rays, you realize that the trees have eyes and whatever lies beyond the shrubbery is watching you.I have experienced this horrible situation both times. dead by daylight and alan wake 2. Both titles utilize cosmic horror to create an eerie feeling of dread, so it's no wonder they sit comfortably next to each other.

We recently discovered the latest survivor thrown into Behavior Interactive's asymmetrical horror game. dead by daylight, It will be noir crime writer Alan Wake himself. This multiplayer horror game is known for bringing together a large number of horror game characters, even brutal killers like Jason in the movie. Friday the 13th or an iconic monster like the Xenomorph alien. Everyone in the horror genre goes through the fog, so it's no wonder Wake makes an appearance.

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