Do not throw away bacon fat.Here are 7 things to do instead

After cooking a large amount of bacon, the right way, you will be left with a heaping amount of grease. While you may be tempted to eat too much bacon and throw away the rest, it's a good idea to save most or all of that rich pork fat for future use.

Bacon grease is loaded with pork flavor and can be used to add salt and flavor to any dish or recipe. The flavor is so intense that you only need a small amount to make your next stir-fry or skillet scrambled eggs.

air fryer bacon

If you know what's good for you, you can keep using up some leftover bacon fat.

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Here's how to store leftover bacon fat and 7 ways to use it in your kitchen.

What should I do with leftover bacon fat?

Please store properly

solid bacon fat in bacon bin solid bacon fat in bacon bin

Most non-metal containers will melt or crack when poured with hot bacon grease, but this silicone bacon container can withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

bacon bin

First of all, store your bacon grease properly for future use. It won't spoil, but it's best to keep it in the fridge, as there may be bits of pork left all over it.

Store bacon in a metal tin with a lid, as its pungent odor can permeate other foods in the refrigerator. If storing in a glass or plastic container, wait until the grease has completely cooled before transferring.

this is 16 dollars silicone bacon bin It has a built-in strainer to sift out bacon bits.

Season a cast iron skillet

cast iron pot seasoning cast iron pot seasoning

To add flavor to your cast iron skillet, use bacon grease mixed with a little seasoning wax.

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cast iron seasoning The frying pan is important to maintain the surface of the frying pan. non stick. Along with properly washing your cast iron cookware, doing this regularly will also build the base flavor that gives the pan to certain foods like steaks, burgers, chicken, and hash browns. To season with bacon grease, add a little fat to your favorite cast iron seasoning wax. Nap — and continue as normal.

Add smoky pork flavor to stir-fries

fry in a frying pan fry in a frying pan

Add a teaspoon of bacon fat to your next stir-fry and thank yourself later.

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Next time you make a quick stir-fry for dinner, add a teaspoon of bacon grease for added flavor. Be careful not to overdo it. Otherwise, you'll end up with an overly greasy dish and the bacon flavor will dominate everything.

Adds a savory flavor to cornbread and cookies

easy skillet cornbread recipe easy skillet cornbread recipe

The cornbread will benefit from a little bit of leftover bacon fat.

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Bacon and cornbread are also a magical combination. Cornbread tends to dry out, so adding a teaspoon of bacon fat to the mixture along with the butter will keep the bread moist and give it a nice hint of bacon flavor.

You can also add bacon grease to a batch of chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies. Bacon can be combined with many other flavors, including maple, chocolate, and vanilla, so don't be afraid to experiment with it in your favorite cookie recipes.

Make Bacon Wash Bourbon

free spirits non-alcoholic bourbon free spirits non-alcoholic bourbon

Add bacon fat to bourbon, shake and freeze. Then, when you separate the solidified fat from the liquor, you have something special.

free spirits

I don't know who invented the concept of adding bacon fat to bourbon, but I'd like to buy you a drink. Making fat-washed booze is easy, just add 1 to 2 ounces of liquefied bacon fat to a bottle of bourbon. Shake and leave in the refrigerator or freezer for several days. Straining the solidified fat from the bourbon through a mesh strainer leaves behind a fairly smoky brown liquor that can be drunk neat or used in cocktails.

Make scrambled eggs using bacon fat

scrambled eggs james bond scrambled eggs james bond

Bacon and eggs? Who would have thought?

CNET/Brian Cooley

Bacon and eggs are the best breakfast combination in the world. Add a little bacon grease to the pan with the butter, then add the beaten eggs and stir slowly.

Mix bacon grease with another cooking oil to sear steaks or sauté chicken.

3 pieces of meat 3 pieces of meat

Next time you fry meat, add bacon fat to the cooking oil.


While you don't want to use just bacon grease to fry your food, consider adding a small amount to your favorite cooking oil, such as olive oil, flaxseed oil, or avocado oil.

Brussels sprouts to make bacon air fryer

Brussels sprouts are dense and suitable for air frying. Add a little bacon grease and place in the fryer for 20 minutes. It's so delicious that you forget you're eating vegetables.

Brussels sprouts Brussels sprouts

Mix 1 pound of Brussels sprouts with bacon grease and olive oil and place in the air fryer.

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What are you Can not I'll use the leftover bacon fat.

pour into the drain

drain drain

Don't pour bacon fat down the drain. This is the quickest way to fill it up.

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If you dump even one batch of bacon grease down your kitchen sink, you'll probably be calling the plumber before the week is over.


Factory kitchen trash can with food scraps inside Factory kitchen trash can with food scraps inside

Bacon fat cannot be used as compost.


Bacon fat and other oily foods cannot be composted. So don't put them in your home compost pile. electronic countertop composter.

Throw it in the trash while it's still hot

Doing this will leave a hole in the bottom of the garbage bag. The next time you try to take out the trash, it won't be a pretty sight. If you want to throw it away in the garbage, pour it into a metal can and let it cool before throwing it away.

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