Dyson is ready to revolutionize hair care again – and this time with hair straighteners

Dyson has finally announced its latest hair care product, the Dyson Air Straight. This is a next-generation curling iron that allows you to watch your hair transform from soggy to smooth and straight without the hassle and potential heat damage that traditional hair dryers and straighteners incur. .

But how do you ask? As you might guess from the name and manufacturer, Airstrait uses focused airflow to simultaneously dry and straighten your hair, simplifying your routine, saving you time and energy costs, and reducing the risk of heat damage.

The Airstrait has both wet and dry styling modes, as well as a cool mode to set your style. Both wet and dry modes have separate heat settings, preset in conjunction with airflow to achieve the best results. Wet mode offers three temperature settings (80C/175F, 110C/230F, 140C/285F) and dry mode offers two temperature settings (120C/250F or 140C/285F) or an additional “boost” . You can also switch between low airflow, high airflow, cold shot, and root drying.

(Image provided by Dyson)


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