Get a Windows 11 Pro license for just $23 while you can

A standard Windows 11 license is certainly enough, but if you want additional personalization options, customization, and a few extra features, you'll need Windows 11 Pro. When you purchase directly from Microsoft, you get: deposit $200, which is a lot for most people. But if you shop around, you could potentially save a significant amount of money from that amount. Take advantage of this deal from StackSocial offering Windows 11 Pro For just $23.

While this is a great price, it's important to note that not all computers can run Windows 11. Therefore, before purchasing, you should ensure that your computer meets the operating system requirements. Additionally, the list states that if you already have a PC running Windows 10 and Windows Update can't install the free Windows 11 upgrade, your computer is also not compatible with this version.

When you purchase a license, you receive an activation key that you can use to install and activate Windows 11 Pro on one computer. To be clear, such purchases are usually aimed at advanced users, i.e. those who are building a new computer or who want to dual-boot an existing computer with her second OS. If that's the case, you'll need his second PC to access and download files, so make sure you can access everything from another computer at home, or have a friend's machine that you can use temporarily. Please make sure there is. Also note that you will need to have a USB thumb drive available to transfer files.

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