Google's new generative AI aims to help you unleash your creativity by:

It's a big day for Google AI, as the tech giant announced a new image generation engine aimed at fostering people's creativity.

The tool is called ImageFX and works with Imagen 2, Google's “latest text-to-image model,” which Google claims can deliver the company's “highest-quality images ever.” Like many other generative AIs, it generates content by users typing commands into text boxes. What’s unique about this engine is that it comes with “Expressive Chips”, which are drop-down menus on keywords that allow you to quickly change content with adjacent ideas. For example, ImageFX provided a sample prompt of a dress carved from a dead tree with leaves. After creating a series of photos, the AI ​​provided an opportunity to change certain aspects. A beautiful forest-themed dress has been transformed into an ugly shirt made of plastic and flowers.

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