Gozney's new Arc pizza oven will give you a slice you can't refuse 🤌🤌

Gozney, the maker of the best home pizza ovens, is adding two more affordable home ovens to its product lineup: Arc and Arc XL. These gas-fired stone floor ovens utilize new lateral side burners and thick insulation to provide even heat of up to 950 °F / 500 °C across the cooking area, making it easy to cook delicious pizzas at home can.

Both borrow the same pack shape as the popular Gozney Dome, but the new Arc and Arc XL are more compact than their pricier siblings, weighing in at 128 lbs (58kg) of the Dome and 105 lbs (48kg) of the Dome S1.

The Arc unit eliminates the chimney flue for a sophisticated soot-reducing vent and integrates a replaceable stone floor that can be replaced to extend the life of the product.

(Image credit: Gozney)

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