How to watch the Super Bowl for free now: All you need to stream is Paramount Plus

With CBS broadcasting this year's Super Bowl, fans looking to stream the big game if they don't have an antenna, cable, satellite, or streaming TV provider can once again turn to Paramount Plus, the TV network's streaming service. You can rely on it.

This is the third time that CBS has streamed the Super Bowl on its own service, with the 2019 and 2021 Super Bowls available on CBS All Access (predecessor to Paramount Plus). More importantly, Paramount Plus is one of the last streaming services still offering a one-week free trial, so fans who want to watch can do so for free. No promo code is required to get the trial version. If you don't want to continue your service after the Super Bowl, simply set a reminder and cancel your service.

Paramount Plus Streaming TV and Movies
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Super Bowl LVIII Broadcast

CBS broadcasts are available on Paramount Plus' $6/month Essential slot. You can check for yourself here if there is live streaming of CBS in your area. We also offer a one-week free trial.

Paramount Plus has two tiers: a basic “Essentials” option that costs $6 a month and includes ads, and a more expensive option that costs $12 a month and includes access to the premium cable channel Showtime and lets you download shows. There is a “showtime included” plan. You can watch offline and there are no ads “except for live broadcasts and some shows.”

If you sign up for an annual subscription, both options are available at a discounted price ($60/year for Essentials and $120/year for the “with Showtime” option). Both plans let you watch live NFL games, including this year's Super Bowl.

Paramount Plus powers everything from iOS and Android phones and tablets, Xbox and PlayStation game consoles, to smart TVs and streaming players running software from Amazon, Apple, Google, LG, Samsung, Vizio, and Roku. Stream on a variety of devices.

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Paramount Plus has detailed instructions on its website about how to cancel your streaming service, but for the easiest use, it may be best to sign up via your browser and then sign in on your device of choice. not. If you want to do it this way, just go to his website for Paramount Plus, click on your username in the top right corner, go to “Account” and select “Cancel Subscription” when leaving .

If you sign up using other methods, canceling your service may be a little more complicated. For example, if you use other services like Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV Channels, you may need to contact Amazon or Apple to close your Paramount Plus account.

Paramount's approach of offering a free trial is a welcome change from other NFL streamers. The Peacocks hosted two exclusive NFL games this season, including a weekend wild-card contest between the Chiefs and Dolphins, but they specifically don't offer a free trial, so fans looking for that game can't sign up. You need to pay the fee. ESPN Plus doesn't offer a free trial as well, although he was a regular during the season and had exclusive NFL games.

It's worth pointing out that in addition to free trials, some services offer bundles that include Paramount Plus. For example, Walmart Plus includes a subscription to Paramount Plus Essentials, a subscription shopping service that competes with Amazon Prime.

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