iOS 17.4 fixes the biggest problems with iPhone's stopwatch

The iPhone's Stopwatch app could be getting new and improved features. iOS17.4 An update that makes it easier to track timers set by users.

according to mcroomersa stopwatch update found in the beta of the next iOS update will allow you to add a timer to your Apple Live activities.

If you enable the stopwatch via the Clock app, you'll see a timer in both apps. dynamic island and the lock screen, but they look a little different. The Dynamic Island version's timer only shows counts to the second, but the lock screen shows a full timer.

This is a very useful addition, as previously the stopwatch was only visible in the Clock app. Adding a stopwatch to a live activity allows users to see the timer at a glance on their lock screen, making it super easy to use and ensuring they don't forget or forget it.

Both versions use the same controls. Tapping on the timer allows the user to choose between pausing or starting a new lap, but users must be careful not to accidentally pause or cancel the timer.

Once the stopwatch is paused, swipe it from the lock screen or tap the “x” on the dynamic island to clear the stopwatch.

It may not seem like a big update, but the addition of a stopwatch and improved visibility on the lock screen and dynamic island should be very useful for gym-goers, kitchens, and more. The user's girlfriend's iPhone goes to sleep or another app starts.

It's always good to see phone manufacturers continually introducing useful enhancements to improve the usability of traditional apps. apple watch future.

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