Microsoft OneDrive storage gets even smarter thanks to this time-saving Copilot feature

Microsoft has been on a roll lately with some very useful features thanks to its artificial intelligence assistant Copilot, and it looks like OneDrive is finally getting a much-needed AI boost. Soon, you'll be able to search files and find relevant information by simply asking the question you want Copilot to answer, without having to open the file.

Let's say you're looking for a specific picture or quote, but you have too many files to start searching, or you're like me and don't have anything organized in folders (oops). Instead of opening and skimming through all your documents to find the specific information you're looking for, you can launch Copilot and tell it what you want to search for. When you ask someone to search for specific information from a lecture presentation or group project, Copilot scans the file and provides relevant answers.

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