Mozilla blows the whistle on Microsoft: 'Over the Edge' report accuses Windows 11 maker of browser bias and deceptive tactics

Mozilla has some pretty serious accusations against Microsoft. These include the company using deceptive tactics to force its own browser, Edge, on Windows users. These allegedly include misleading advertisements, system warning-like notifications, and the use of confusing interfaces.

For those who don't know, Mozilla is a nonprofit open source organization that develops the Firefox web browser, a competitor to Microsoft's Edge. Mozilla has appealed directly to Microsoft, demanding that it end its current practices and calling for broader industry regulation to level the playing field for competing browsers.

(Image credit: Future)

The company recently released a report titled “Over the Edge: The Use of Design Tactics to Undermine Browser Choice.” Its opening states that users should have the right to choose a browser and use it without going through the operating system.

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