Nightingale Preview – Defeat the Giant

Armed with my two trusty climbing picks, I sat in the desert heat staring up at the side of a massive cliff. I've already failed twice, but that didn't stop me from trying again. After all, as an open world his PvE (player vs. environment) survival game, nightingale It has a lot to offer, but it's up to you to explore it all.

In a play session with the developer, I found myself joining a group of brave Realm Walkers navigating a web of hyperdimensional planes after being stranded in a strange world thanks to the collapse of an arcane portal. is completed. We first started exploring the desert area. We learn about ancient ruins hidden in caves, a strange and slightly aggressive golden robot that makes a living scanning the sandy wastes, and finally a butte (a rocky tower with a flat top and steep sides). I saw an abandoned village at the top. The only problem was that I had to get there first.

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