Pixel Watch Sale: Discounts on Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2

If you're shopping for a smartwatch and you're an Android fan, don't sleep on Google's info. pixel watch. The first version won the CNET Editors' Choice Award when it first hit stores in fall 2022, with critic Lisa Eadicicco calling it “the Apple Watch replacement that Android device owners have been waiting for. ” Google Pixel Watch 2 will be released in 2023. Eadicicco said the first version has many of the perks and features he expected, but it's a great time to upgrade to the latest model. Because the latest model she is one. You can buy smartwatches currently on the market or get some cash on sale on previous generation models.

How much does Pixel Watch cost?

The first generation Pixel Watch can be used with or without a cellular connection. Prices in the U.S. initially started at $350 for the Wi-Fi version and $400 for the cellular model. With the release of Pixel Watch 2, the price of the original Pixel Watch has dropped. Here's the current price breakdown:

  • Pixel Watch (Wi-Fi): $280
  • Pixel Watch (cellular): $330

For Pixel Watch 2, the prices for the updated model follow the initial price of the 1st generation and are as follows:

  • Pixel Watch 2 (Wi-Fi): $350
  • Pixel Watch 2 (cellular): $400

No matter which Pixel Watch excites you the most, our roundup of Pixel Watch deals can help you get a Pixel Watch without paying list price. To help you find more savings on your Pixel Watch, we've rounded up the current Pixel Watch deals from retailers and carriers below.

Great deals on Pixel Watch 2

The Pixel Watch 2 has a similar design to its predecessor, but includes performance upgrades, automatic workout detection, added safety features, stress tracking, and other key features that make this Android wearable a worthy investment for many Google fans. There have been some upgrades. , new heart rate sensors and more. Although I haven't had a chance to try it yet, I expect these changes to generate a lot of interest.


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Pixel Watch 2 finishes include Matte Black with an Obsidian active band and Champagne Gold with a Hazel active band. Both are also available on older models. Also available in Polished Silver with Bay Active Band and Polished Silver. Comes with active porcelain band. If you're upgrading from a Pixel Watch, you can transfer your data through Google One.

Google says the smartwatch's battery life should last 24 hours. This watch includes an always-on display and faster charging than previous models. Some carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile are offering discounts on the Pixel Watch 2 when you buy a new Pixel 8 Pro, but below we'll only highlight deals that don't require you to buy a separate device. Masu.

Google is currently offering two years of free data on your device when you purchase a Pixel Watch 2 LTE. This current offer expires on January 31st.

Plus, if you have a watch to trade in, you can save some money via credit. Trade in your first-generation Pixel Watch for up to $110, Apple Watch 8 for up to $125, and Galaxy Watch 5 for up to $125. or 5 Pro, earn up to $50 in credits.

Verizon has a solid trade-in deal on the Pixel Watch 2. If you already own a smartwatch and want to upgrade, Verizon is offering up to $180 off on eligible trade-ins. A qualifying smartwatch plan is required. Trade-in credit is split into 36 bill credits and applied over 36 months.

Best Buy doesn't have direct deals on the Pixel Watch 2 at this time, but if you want to get rid of your old device, you can get up to $175 in credit with a qualifying trade-in.

It's worth noting that Target doesn't offer a direct discount on the Pixel Watch 2 (Wi-Fi and LTE), but Target RedCard owners can save a few bucks by getting 5% off.

T-Mobile is half off the Pixel Watch 2, dropping it to $200 when you buy it with a new line. The discount will be applied as a billing credit over 24 months.

Great deals on Pixel Watch

Google's first Pixel Watch features a circular display, interchangeable bands, and a customizable watch face. Pixel Watch is available in four different finishes. matte black and obsidian active band, polished silver and charcoal active band, polished silver and chalk active band, or champagne gold and hazel active band. The bands are interchangeable and many third-party options are already available, allowing for endless customization options.

Wear OS has been redesigned for circular displays, and the watch comes with all the Google apps you'd expect, plus fitness features powered by Fitbit Smart. Powered by the Exynos 9110 processor and co-processor, Google says it will last 24 hours on a single charge. It includes accurate heart rate tracking, allows you to take his ECG from your wrist, and will also add the ability to measure blood oxygen saturation. Like the Apple Watch, it has built-in fall detection.

Interestingly, unlike other Wear OS smartwatches, the Pixel Watch is only compatible with Android. In a move similar to Apple's approach to the Apple Watch, you should: Stay within the Google ecosystem Enjoy new wearables from Google.

Similar to the Pixel Watch 2, Google is currently offering two years of free data on the device when you purchase the Pixel Watch LTE. This current offer expires on January 31st.

Plus, you can get some money back when you trade in your smartwatch. The company advertises up to $175, but in reality, you'll need to trade in for a more advanced model to get that kind of payment. Most smartwatches have trade-in values ​​close to $50.

Amazon has reduced the price of the previous generation Google Pixel Watch LTE, making it more affordable. Available discounts vary by color variant, but Matte Black is currently discounted by $131, bringing the price to just $269. The Wi-Fi version saves a little less, but it's still good. Now you can save up to $92 and get the Hazel version for $258.

Best Buy doesn't currently have a direct sale on the Pixel Watch, but My Best Buy Plus and Total members can save $61 on the LTE model. If you have a qualifying Fitbit, Garmin, Apple, or Samsung device, you can also get additional trade-in credits. The biggest discounts apply to new Apple models. New subscribers get 3 months of YouTube Premium and 3 months of Google One (100GB) free with purchase.

Similar to the Pixel Watch 2, Target currently doesn't offer direct discounts on the Pixel Watch, which includes both Wi-Fi and LTE versions. It is worth noting that Target RedCard holders can save a little cash on their purchases, since he can get a 5% discount.

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