Strava is still the best training app for runners and cyclists, but it’s getting expensive

Strava: One-minute review

Did a workout even happen if it’s not logged on Strava? We’ve been using the smartphone app to track weekly miles since it launched in 2009. Yes, there have been periods in my life where I haven’t run at all – just before this review, for example. But when I am ready to pound the pavements again, I find it hard to imagine not using Strava.

Strava is part-fitness app and part-social platform. You can record and review activities, then share them with friends for “Kudos” (similar to giving a “like” on other media platforms). Run, Bike, Hike is the app’s motto, but there’s support for over 50 activities, including kayaking, swimming – great for triathletes – and yoga.

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