The $10 10,000 HDMI Video Cable is already on sale. So where can you find these cheap 8K monitors?

I can confess. Giant cheerleader in 8K resolution on desktop monitor For many years. After all, why not? As resolutions have increased exponentially over the past decade from Full HD to 4K, and the number of pixels and average screen size have increased, consumers and businesses have been able to benefit from virtual multi-screen displays. Remember, it's a single 43-in. 4K monitor Equivalent to four Full HD 21.5-inch monitors without the need for additional cables or monitor arms.

So when Dell launched its first (and still only) service; 8K monitor Six years ago (yes, six years ago), I was expecting the floodgates to open, especially since it was selling for thousands of GBP/USD/AU$.of UP3218 is the only 8K monitor, and ironically it doesn't support HDMI 2.1, making it already outdated.Almost a year ago, I I wrote that I don't think 8K monitors will become we don't even know if many 8K monitors will be released.

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