The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth card game is not only fun, but hands-on previews are everywhere.

we already know that, but final fantasy 7 reverse It will include a brand new in-universe card game called “Queen's Blood,” which is prolific and appears to have opponents from all over the game world.

Hands-on with a preview build of Final Fantasy 7 Reverse, I experienced the action RPG's first open world zone, the Grassland Area. Not only did I actually try out card games, but I also got to see the world of card games. reproduction It's full of Queen's Blood players. Although not everyone can try a round, this card game seems to be very popular. gwent from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt As for the number of people playing.

It seems like every major city has at least one person who is crazy about the Queen's blood. The game itself is also very marvel snap, The mini-game is played in three lanes. The objective is to control the board and secure territory. This allows you to play more powerful cards. Place the cards in order and once everyone has played as many cards as possible, the scores for each lane are tallied. Whoever scores the most points in a particular lane can have their score added to the total. That is, putting all your eggs in her one basket may pay off. If your total is more than your opponent, you win.

(Image provided by: Square Enix)

To spice things up, different cards affect the area around them in different ways, controlling the board in interesting patterns. Some cards also have special abilities that can really shake things up.

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