This giant 27-inch digital calendar will help you organize your family life.

Smart frame brand Skylight is expanding beyond digital photo frames with the launch of a new 27-inch calendar monitor aptly named Calendar Max or Cal Max for short.

It works similarly to the older 10-inch and 15-inch models, but there are some important differences. The biggest change is its size, and the resolution increases with size. Cal Max outputs images in Quad HD resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixels), so you can easily see everyone's schedule for the week. You can mount it horizontally on the wall or, if space is tight, vertically thanks to portrait mode. Additionally, the screen is covered with an anti-glare coating to ensure visibility even in direct sunlight.

(Image credit: Skylight)

Design-wise, the Cal Max is similar to the previous 10-inch model due to its rounded corners. However, this time you can replace the frame surrounding the screen. Interested customers can choose between black or white plastic frames and aluminum shadow box frames. The latter is available in a charcoal gray or plain metallic finish. You can choose your frame on the Cal Max checkout page. However, there is no option to purchase the two borders at the same time or separately in the future.


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