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Speaker 1: There are many different types of wireless earbuds out there, and we don't blame you for getting confused since there are so many options. Hello, I'm Alex. We'll help you with what you need to know when buying wireless earbuds. I'm a resident earphone enthusiast. Speaker 1: Okay, before we go any further, please show me less than $50, less than $150. Otherwise, money doesn't matter. Fortunately, there are more options than ever these days. [00:00:30] Even if you're on a lower budget, you can find really great-sounding earphones with lots of features. As an example, Ear Fund's Air Pro 3 was praised by CNET audio expert David Carnoy for its wireless charging case and excellent sound quality. The price is $80, but there are usually instant coupons so it's around $60. One of my favorite low priced pairs of his is his 3 deluxe H's in Sound, Pete's Air, the name is just a mouthful. I know it's only $50, feels great, and supports high-resolution audio on Android. [00:01:00] The second most important factor to consider is how they fit together. You can have the best-sounding earphones in the world, but they're useless if they don't fit your ears properly. Speaker 1: This is where it really comes in handy. If you can try before you buy, you may have a friend who wears the same shoes, or a retailer with a generous return or exchange policy. Remember, please clean it before sending it back to avoid being rude. If you're considering a model with ear tips, check the sizes included. Most offer a range from extra small to extra large, but [00:01:30] Every ear canal is different, so like Goldilocks, finding the right fit may require some trial and error. Many of his high-end earbuds with chips, such as the AirPods Pro 2 and Sony XM 5, also undergo ear fit testing on mobile phones. Not having a good noise canceling seal can affect sound quality, which you don't want especially if you're spending hundreds of dollars, but if you can't get a good fit with the included tips, try the 3 Please consider the th. Party foam tips that can be molded to fit the shape of your ears. Speaker 1: Just know that the fit may vary a little. [00:02:00] The charging case needed to be compatible with the first generation AirPods Pro. This wasn't a jam, it was because they didn't have ear tips with a very small ear tip size. You'll probably need open earphones. These are like Sony Link Budds or regular his AirPods, they just sit in your ear instead of in your ear canal. If you're working out, you'll also want to look for shoes that are lightweight and have a secure fit. Perhaps it's a model with wingtips that you push into your ear, or a hook that you can wrap around your ear and hold. [00:02:30] put them in place. You can run with most earbuds as long as they're not too bulky, but my favorite for working out are the Powerbeats Pro. It's already a few years old, but it still works and sounds great for what I need. Speaker 1: Some water resistance is also helpful if you're going to be sweating or working out in the rain. Sound quality is obviously very important, but it's somewhat personal, and the genre of music you listen to will also influence your opinion here. Maybe you prefer a more basic heavy response or are interested in podcast audio. [00:03:00] But I like a good balance between well-defined bass, even mythic, that settles vocals, and detailed treble that doesn't feel too tinny or washed out. This often comes in handy when you're jumping around between different genres of music. Generally, high-end earphones offer a wider soundstage with more depth and resolution. You'll probably be able to hear the difference with cheaper earphones. ldac ac Appdex, now it's time to swim in the Codex acronym Soup. This is a compression technique that transmits audio over the network. [00:03:30] Directs air from your device to your earphones. Speaker 1: I won't go into too much depth here because I'll cover this another time and in another video, but iOS devices support C or standard his SBC codecs. Depending on the earphones, Android has some additional options depending on your phone. If your earbuds also support it, you may also choose to use certain codecs, such as Sony LDAC for high-resolution audio. There's also new Bluetooth LE audio and LC 3 codec. Codex also affects latency, so if you're playing games, [00:04:00] When playing games or watching movies, you need to make sure that the earphones are not working behind what is on the screen. This can be an issue with some cheaper earbuds, but some can be switched to a low-latency mode. Noise canceling works quite literally, offering a way to block out certain frequencies of sound, such as the roar of a train, the hellish sounds of your office, and even, if you choose the right one, your baby's cry. . Speaker 1: Most parts with noise cancellation also have a mode that lets in sounds from the outside world, so you can stay alert. [00:04:30] About your surroundings. Confusingly, every brand wants to call it something else. Apple uses transparent mode. For example, Sony calls this Ambient Sound and Bose calls it Aware Mode. Some sound more natural than others, so we recommend reading reviews. If you frequently switch your earbuds between your phone and computer, you'll probably want a multipoint connection, which is a way to connect multiple devices at the same time. AirPods support quick switching, so as long as you're signed in to the same Apple ID across devices. [00:05:00] Automatically detect the source you're listening to and switch audio. Next is the microphone and call quality, but it's not just about calls. Also, if you do a lot of Zoom or Teams calls, consider that it's best to rate reviews before purchasing. CNET reviews always provide samples of call quality. You can hear it for yourself. Speaker 1: I'm Speaker 2: I'm going to say it again so people understand what my voice sounds like. Speaker 1: Also listen to reduce background noise.You don't just need earphones to make your voice heard [00:05:30] Although the sound is clear, it also helps block out noisy environments, especially when taking calls during your commute. Speaker 2: There's a lot of traffic. Please tell me your voice. Speaker 1: Some earbuds come with a companion app that lets you change settings like volume adjustment and playback controls to your liking. You can also use the equalizer to adjust the sound to your liking. It's helpful to be able to recognize conversations. Once you start talking, the earbuds can pause the music or lower the volume for a quick chat. [00:06:00] This has been included in many Sony earbuds for a while, and AirPods now have it with the iOS 17 update. You can also charge one earbud in the case while using the other earbud independently. Most high-end earphones now allow this, but some cheaper earphones only allow you to use certain sides, so don't forget which team you're on: iPhone or Android. Some earbuds have unique features that only work on one platform, but generally any earbud can connect to any device. Speaker 1: Apple's AirPods work very well with Android. You just won't be able to access your voice assistant. [00:06:30] spatial audio. Similarly, hands-free Google Assistant and spatial audio are not available with Pixel Buds paired with an iPhone. Wireless ebuses can vary widely when it comes to battery life, and manufacturer ratings that say things like up to 8 hours usually only take into account minimal functionality and use at moderate volumes. Also be sure to check how long it lasts with noise canceling turned on and streaming high-resolution audio if applicable. However, most products should last at least four and a half to five hours on a single charge. [00:07:00] The fast charging feature gives you over 1 hour of music playback when you leave the earbuds in the case for 15-20 minutes. If you have any questions about which earphones are right for you, Sue is always happy to help. Perhaps I have worn it and tested it. Leave a comment below or find me on your favorite social media network. I'll catch you later.

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