Vision Pro: What apps can and can't run on Apple's mixed reality headset

Apple's Vision Pro release is fast approaching on February 2nd. Whether you've already purchased a mixed reality headset or are planning to order one, you're probably wondering which applications will be available and which won't. — When I finally got my hands on the Vision Pro.

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Interested companies are already lining up: On January 16th, Disney announced that it would bring Disney Plus to Apple Vision Pro. This will give Vision Pro users access to 3D movies such as Avatar: The Way of Water and Star Wars: The Force at launch. In addition to waking up, it also features surreal Disney environments where you can watch movies and TV shows in locations such as Star Wars' Tatooine and Marvel's Avengers Tower.

However, not all the apps you'd expect will be accessible on Vision Pro from day one.

In fact, according to Mark Garman of Bloomberg, some major companies are choosing not to build dedicated Vision Pro apps for their services or make them compatible with existing apps. , especially Netflix. Instead, if you want to use Netflix on your Vision Pro, you'll have to access it through a web browser, just like you would on your computer.

Not sure if your favorite apps will work with Vision Pro? Below is a list of which services will and won't work when Apple's long-awaited headset launches.

While you're here, check out all the features that come with Vision Pro.

What types of applications does Vision Pro have?

You can only actually download one type of application on your iPhone. It's an app in the App Store that is specifically designed to run on iOS.

Vision Pro is a little different. Apple headsets can run two types of apps.

  • Compatible apps: These are iOS/iPadOS apps that are not optimized for headsets, but will continue to work when you launch Vision Pro. These apps appear in a window on top of visionOS.
  • native app: These are optimized apps built specifically for visionOS. These apps on Vision Pro give you a more immersive experience.

Apple announced that more than 600 apps that natively support Vision Pro will be available when the headset goes on sale in the US on Friday. In addition to this, it offers over 1 million compatible apps on both iOS and iPadOS.

However, some apps won't show up on Vision Pro because they don't have native apps and aren't compatible with existing iOS/iPadOS apps.

Which applications will no longer be available with Vision Pro?

As described above, Netflix The absence from Vision Pro is notable. Not only does Netflix not build an app for Vision Pro, its iPhone/iPad app also doesn't support VisionOS. “Our members will now be able to enjoy Netflix on Vision Pro's web browser the same way they enjoy Netflix on their Mac,” a Netflix spokesperson told Bloomberg.

YouTube is another major service that doesn't build apps specifically for Vision Pro. Again, if you want to watch YouTube videos on Vision Pro, you'll need to access them through Safari or another web browser. iPhone/iPad apps also do not support VisionOS.

spotify The company reportedly has no plans to develop an app for the Vision Pro or provide access to iPhone/iPad apps, and Meta may also skip the headset.

And what applications will be available with Vision Pro?

At launch, in addition to Apple apps such as Apple Arcade (hundreds of games), Apple Music, Apple TV, and Safari, here are some of the third-party apps available on Vision Pro as native or compatible apps.

  • Adobe Lightroom (native)
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • box (native)
  • Crunchyroll (native)
  • discovery plus
  • Disney Plus (Native)
  • ESPN
  • Fantastic (native)
  • Prefectural security
  • imax (native)
  • J.Crew (Native)
  • JigSpace (native)
  • Max (native)
  • Microsoft 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.) (native)
  • MindNode (Native)
  • MLB (Native)
  • Mubi (native)
  • Navigation (native)
  • NBA (native)
  • Night sky (native)
  • Numeric (native)
  • paramount plus
  • peacock
  • PGA Tour Vision (Native)
  • pluto tv
  • Red Bull TV (Native)
  • slack (native)
  • TikTok (native)
  • Tubi
  • Zoom (native)
  • Wayfair (native)
  • Webex (native)
  • Zillow Immerse (Native)

This is obviously not a complete list, considering there are over 1 million apps that work with Vision Pro. And if an app doesn't work with Vision Pro, like Netflix, you can still access it through Safari or another web browser.

For more information about Apple Vision Pro, see what CNET's Scott Stein learned when he tried Vision Pro.

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