Whatever you do, don't buy the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

samsung's galaxy s24 ultra Finally here and added to my list best cell phone Overall, it's a great phone.On paper, it doesn't look like a big upgrade compared to before galaxy s23 ultra, and in some ways it seems like a step backwards. If the price is right, should I buy last year's Ultra instead? No! Even if the S23 Ultra falls into your lap for free, we recommend buying this year's model or waiting until you can buy a phone manufactured after this point.

Wait, is the Galaxy S23 Ultra still on sale? Yes, and unfortunately this pricing makes little sense considering the new buzz has already appeared. When the Galaxy S23 Ultra launched in February 2023, it cost $1,199 in the US. Right now, you can buy a brand new Galaxy S23 Ultra for as low as $1,199 on Samsung.com. Yes, Samsung hasn't lowered prices at all.

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