Why you shouldn’t use an unsecured Wi-Fi network

How often do you connect to public Wi-Fi when you’re out and about? Consider it – this includes anywhere that’s not your private home network such as coffee shops, airports, public transport or the local pub. With the rise of the necessity to scan QR code menus, Apple Pay and mobile ordering, most venues are expected to provide Wi-Fi connection for basic business functionality. 

Research from NordVPN has found that 41% of Brits use unsecured public Wi-Fi if given the opportunity, despite 52% of us believing they were most at risk of a cyber attack when connecting to public Wi-Fi in hospitality settings and on public transport. Although  connecting to public Wi-Fi is convenient and sometimes necessary, dangerous cybercriminals are relying on this broadly blasé attitude around public Wi-Fi usage to infiltrate your devices and vital accounts. 

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