Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Play Madden 24 now before the Super Bowl

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a CNET Editors' Choice award winner, offers hundreds of games to play on Xbox Series X or Series S, Xbox One, and PC. $17/month. With a subscription, you'll get new games every month, including gaming's hottest new favorites, Palworld, and other perks like online multiplayer and deals on non-Game Pass titles.

Last month, Game Pass Ultimate added Palworld, an instant phenomenon that already has 7 million players, and continues to add new titles. Here are the games coming soon:

Madden NFL 24

Available now.

Madden NFL 24 has arrived on Game Pass Ultimate in time for Sunday's Super Bowl. The latest installment in the Football series introduces several new gameplay mechanics, including an upgraded passing system that adds jump passes and dive passes to your arsenal. The in-game playbook has also been expanded, with over 70 new formations and at least 500 new plays at your disposal. So if you're not a fan of the Chiefs or the 49ers, play Madden instead this Sunday.

Railway Sim World 4

Available now.

If you're a fan of model trains but don't have the space for tracks at home or the means to finance your hobby, give Train Sim World 4 a try. In this game, you can learn how to drive a train and cross countries such as Australia, Germany, and the United States. You can run through different scenarios where you can change things like the weather along the way for extra challenges, or go into free roam and ride the rails as you like.

resident evil 3

Available: February 13th

Nearly a month after Game Pass Ultimate added the award-winning RE2 remake to its library, subscribers will also be able to play the upcoming Resident Evil remake. In RE3, you return to the shoes of Jill his Valentine and try to escape from the zombie outbreak that has attacked Raccoon City. In this survival horror game, you must solve puzzles and find the best escape route while being chased by the walking weapon Nemesis.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Available:February 14

The game returned to Game Pass Ultimate nearly three years after it was removed from the service. This Metroidvania-style game was developed by former Castlevania series producer Takashi Igarashi, and feels like another installment in that series. Explore castles, solve puzzles, and use magic and physical weapons to drive monsters and demons from the land.

a little to the left

Available: February 15th

This cozy puzzle game lets you stack papers, sort postcards, and clean areas.

“A Little to the Left is all about cleaning up clutter into satisfying arrangements without worrying about timers or failure states,” said Anne Macmillan, co-founder of developer Max Inferno. he told “It's peaceful, accessible, and has simple controls that anyone can understand quickly.”

However, just when you think you've solved these puzzles, a playful cat can come along and ruin your progress. But it happens. Since you're not racing against time, you solve the puzzle again and hope the cat doesn't mind you.

Plate up!

Available: February 15th

Have you ever thought about starting your own restaurant, or are you after The Bear and looking for more chaos? If so, you should give this one a try. Plate up! is a cooking action game that lets you experience the ups and downs of the restaurant business without any financial risk. Design your restaurant and kitchen, cook the food, and plan who will work what shifts to make sure your new location thrives.

back to grace

Available: February 20th

This narrative adventure game puts you in the shoes of a space archaeologist who has just discovered the resting place of an AI god named Grace. Your goal is to befriend Grace's broken variant and figure out why his AI was shut down in the first place.

Titles that will leave Game Pass

While the games listed above will be available to play on Game Pass Ultimate in the coming weeks, there are several titles that will leave the service on February 15th. You'll have time to complete the side quests, but once these titles are complete, you'll have to buy them separately if they're gone.

For more information on Xbox, see what other titles are currently available on Game Pass Ultimate and what you need to know about the gaming service.


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